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Our Services

In addition to their custom-made footwear creations, Pierantoni Shoes also offers a range of services to help bring characters and productions to life on stage and screen.

Overall, Pierantoni Shoes is a trusted and reliable partner for cinema and theatre productions, providing custom-made shoes and flexible options for buying or renting, as well as a range of services to support costume and production designer from the start to the end of their project.


Footwear Reproduction

One of the main services that Pierantoni Shoes prides itself on is the possibility of faithful reproduction on:

  • a drawing or sketch by the costume designer
  • an image taken from a period book or painting or a copy of a reference work of art

Targeted project consultancy

Sometimes productions or costume designers don’t always have clear ideas about the possibilities of creating models.

That’s why Pierantoni Shoes offers a consultancy service on the relationship between script and footwear reproduction, recommending which solution best suits the character and the realisation of the film or play.

Shoes dyeing and aging service

One of the most requested: Pierantoni Shoes offers shoes dyeing and aging service to create a more authentic look for period pieces, as well as the repair and maintenance service to ensure that the shoes remain in top condition throughout the production.

The freedom of choice

We provide productions and their costume designers with a wide choice of basic materials (leather, fabric, leather etc.), accessories (laces, buckles, decorative bigotry etc.) and last but not least the careful choice of the right heel.

The production and costume designer will however be free to choose and provide us with their own materials for the creation of the footwear.

Creating the prototype

We will provide costume designers with a prototype (timing permitting) of the shoes to submit to the rest of the production for final decisions and adjustments. The creation of the prototype is completely free of charge.

Alternatively, we will send the making-off images to the costume designer so that feedback can be obtained on any further changes to be made to the shoes.

An extensive repertoire

Pierantoni Shoes has an extensive repertoire of shoes where costume and set designers will find a wide range of both period and contemporary shoes already available and ready for selection and use on set.

Post production assistance

In the event of changes to the script, or for any other reason that arises, we are at Pierantoni Shoes also willing to make changes to the footwear creations that have already been made and delivered – such as a change of colour, ageing or the addition of irremovable accessories.

Our services

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