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Once upon a time

an Executive Producer ...

Once upon a time there was an Executive Producer who decided to pass on to his children the love of reinventing yourself… getting involved and creating art… 

In 2002 Gianfranco Pierantoni began to approach the world of costume with a bewitching curiosity during one of the projects he was working on… Julius Caesar… It is no coincidence that his shoes originate from that era: from the times of the Roman Empire

Initially he started a tailoring atelier and immediately began to collaborate with foreign cinema productions with famous costume designers (many of who were not yet famous at the time) who launched many films and also several projects.. it was then he decided that the production of shoes was the the only path that Pierantoni wanted to take, and he limited himself to maintaining the shoe factory, investing even more energy and commitment in what is now the headquarters of Pierantoni Shoes.


when Love and Family are involved, only beautiful and stimulating things can emerge.

In the meantime, Alessia, Gianfranco’s daughter, worked for some years as an assistant to Augusto Grassi, the famous leather master who introduced her to the world of artisanal arts and showed her how leather, metal and different materials can be combined to create unique works. Subsequently she became a shoe pattern maker by attending a course at the Arsutoria school, one of the most historic shoe schools in Italy. This allowed her to become the link between the client and the project itself.

Valerio, Gianfranco’s son, has also always had a passion for fashion, in particular for shoes, with a great attention to detail and craftsmanship. He has acquired substantial knowledge over years spent abroad, all over the world.
He is the heart of the Pierantoni Shoes warehouse in Italy and organizes and restore the entire collection that they have managed to accumulate over the years.

He is the bridge between the old collection and the new orders of shoes made by the precious hands of Gianfranco and his gifted staff.



Having worked for several years on set, as well as behind the scenes… from production to the costume department… the Pierantoni family know perfectly well how timing plays a fundamental role in the entire production process. Starting from an idea, a sketch, a reference to the image decided by the costume designer, the crew slowly arrives at the finished shoes by going through different processes such as “mold shape”, sole and upper.

Time permitting, the model goes through several stages of changes before the final result is approved. The choice of different materials is also an important point for the purposes of realization.

Italian leathers and fabrics are the most utilized for this approach and the aging process is what makes the final result unique without forgetting the practicality and wearability of the shoe.

To date, Pierantoni Shoes enjoy appearances in more than 50 films annually, as well as in international television productions, such as HBO’s “Game of Thrones”, costumes by Michele Clapton which allowed them to participate in winning an OFTA, BAFTA, CinEuphoria, CDG and Primetime EMMY awards. Thanks to these commissions, Pierantoni Shoes is known in Hollywood circles up to the attention of Collen Atwood while they have created the costumes that won the GDG Award with Tim Burton‘s Wednesday and also made Pierantoni Shoes collaborate with Jenny Beaven which led to the victory of an Academy Award with “Cruella” by Disney and then there is Massimo Cantini Parrini nominated for an Oscar with “Cyrano”.

In their native country they are known thanks to numerous collaborations with many important costume designers. One of them allowed Pierantoni Shoes to participate in winning the David di Donatello with “Qui rido io” collaborating with Ursula Patzak and the candidates in “I Fratelli De Filippo” by Maurizio Millenotti, “Il Signore delle Formiche” by Valentina Monticelli or “Esterno Notte” by Daria Calvelli.
They also boast the Nastro d’Argento won by Carlo Poggioli with “The Shadow of Caravaggio”. Theatrical projects such as Shakespea Re di Napoli with Carlo Poggioli or French television series such as Paris Police 1900 with Anais Romand allow Pierantoni Shoes to be versatile and to be able to bring creativity to different eras and fields… Up to the Expo Dubai 2020, where they exposed Shoes used by Gabriella Pescucci and Giovanni Casalnuovo. in their roman movies through the years.

Pierantoni Shoes is also one of the main supporters of Scenografia&Costume, the most famous magazine of A.S.C. the Italian Association of Production, Costume Designers and Set Decorators.

As of November 2023, Pierantoni Shoes is represented by The Maestri Ltd. a UK based company whom bring to the international market all that is best in Italian costumes suppliers for cinema, television and theatre.
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